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Planned Maintenance...
With our planned maintenance programs, we can maximize the up time of your equipment and its energy efficiency.

  • Monthly computer room and critical need facility inspections
  • Filter maintenance and indoor air quality analysis
  • Annual coil cleaning and blower servicing
  • Monthly Boiler Rule #27 safty inspections per code
  • Annual Back Flow Preventer testing and certification per code
  • Annual control system and battery back up testing
  • Chemical treatment for water filled systems
  • Compressor oil analysis and motor meg-ohm testing
  • Compressor inspections and rebuilding as needed
  • Air and water balancing
  • Pump and valve rebuilding
  • Dust collector and exhaust system cleaning as needed
  • Economizer and related damper systems maintenance
  • Annual burner service and combustion testing
  • Tube and shell heat exchanger service, testing, and cleaning
  • Humidifier system cleaning and verification of proper operation
  • Control system monitoring and calibration

Our planned maintenance clients are guaranteed a service response time of four hours of less.

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Our mission is to exceed customer expectations in providing premium quality
environmental engineering maintenance and service promptly, with honesty and integrity.

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