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Our Quality Assurance Program...
  • We are an equal opportunity employer with policies including random drug testing.
  • Our "in house" training programs emphisize work place safety and cleanliness.
  • Our fleet and equipment are maintained in good working condition at all times.
  • All of our service engineers are CFC certified, for the proper handling of our refrigerants.
  • Our computer resources and excellent record keeping skills help us track equipment history.
  • We utilize the best resources from numerous colleges and universties to keep up with technology.
  • We provide on site layouts, equipment inventories and service logs for all planned maintenance clients.
  • We have annual individual performance reviews and evaluate each persons strengths and training suggestions.
  • Strict policies and procedures for operations create an environment simular to a special forces team boot camp.
  • All associates are strongly encouraged to maintain current training in first aid, CPR, and safe equipment utilization.
  • All shop and field work is performed in accordance with the latest ACCA, ASHRE, ASME, SMACNA and industry standards.

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Our mission is to exceed customer expectations in providing premium quality
environmental engineering maintenance and service promptly, with honesty and integrity.

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