Building Automation

Carrier Controls Expert IS iVU i-Vu

Energy Management

We are Energy Management Experts. Everything we do is about “Energy Conservation” & we clearly understand that nothing is better or lasts longer than when it is “OFF”.

However, nobody wishes to have to go out and chop some more firewood in the blizzard to stay warm either. We learned this in the deep UP snow, at Michigan Tech, in Scouts & in hunting camp.

In the 1970s we became certified as Energy Management Consultants, through NEMI, the National Energy Management Institute, a SMACNA affiliate in its infancy then.

We were Solar industry Experts in the early 1980s. At the time, Solar was in it’s infancy & the ROI was horrible within the Midwest. Today, it’s improved & it might be good?

Our family has lived through the transition from Line Voltage & Pneumatic controls, through Mercury bulb sensors & Low Voltage, to the highest levels of our current DDC controls technologies.

Our teams were installing the now antique & obsolete Honeywell “Boss” computer systems in the 1970’s, Andover, Automated Logic, Carrier CCS, Johnson Metasys, Siemens, Trane (Traser), Watts & many other control systems, for decades.

Unfortunately, somewhere in the late 1970’s & early 1980’s, the OEM companies began to take their “secrets, parts, hardware & programming”, “in house”. They have “Monopolized” their products & in doing so, they began to isolate & alienate their customers & contractors, for the sake of protecting their “profit”.

People, old technology & corporate greed are the problems. We can no longer count on the staff to turn everything on & off, when needed. The older technologies are not nearly as accurate as the new DDC controls. With proprietary & crazy expensive monopolized products & services, the huge OEM HVACR giants go to market.

Our family found this sad trend to be a bit immoral & unethical, so we embarked on a mission to find a better long-term solution for our customers that believe in “Freedom”. Our solution is equally as good, far more affordable & end user friendly.

After three (3) years of research, the MECC team agreed to partner with Carrier Corporation, utilizing their I-VU product line which is fully “Open Protocol”. I-Vu even communicates backwards with many of Carrier’s earlier building automation controls.

The Carrier I-VU Controls are available worldwide, through a group of highly trained HVACR Contractors. With BACnet compatibility & a global OEM also making the equipment, Carrier is truly wise to not restrict their marketing or support, by embracing honest & fair “Capitalism”. Carrier helps everyone to automate, without reservation.

I-Vu Controls by MECC, do not require annual licensing & residual fees, at all. You buy them & they simply operate for “FREE” forever. Try getting that from the other big guys...

Rest assured that If you do not need automation, we have countless control products to select from & they will work well, upon our completion.

If you might benefit with some form of Building Automation, you will not be devoured by the OEM monopolistic snakes, if you will allow MECC, Carrier Commercial Equipment & Carrier I-VU Controls, to do our thing.

Imagine being embraced with the relaxed relationship of qualified technicians & premium quality I-Vu technology. With MECC, you will save money, time & resources 24x7x365, with less stress & a better quality of life.

Zone Control & Comfort Management

Everyone must adjust their environmental conditions from time to time. Thermostat wars can be a “thing of the past” and it can all be done remotely from anywhere you have an internet signal. From our Dispatch office, MECC can assist and supervise the changes also, if you wish.

Common offices can be given a control with a +or- swing of only 2 degrees F, where the Board Room & Boss, can have a +- of 10, to Eliminate All Complaints, while maximizing your energy savings.

We can and will, remove the ribbons hanging from the ceiling GRD’s & the countless space heaters that are hidden under the cubicles. Everyone will be happier.

With fully modulating zone controls, we can move the heat or cooling, where it is needed, without the need for field crews doing the costly job of adjusting & balancing the system valves or dampers manually time & again.

For IT facilities, our common plenum duct systems work wonders, automatically balancing the cold aisles to wherever the new “HOT” hardware is installed. No Hot Spots & no more constantly needing to “Rebalance everything”, is the benefit of I-VU!


Look up on your mobile device from anywhere & instantly see what is going on within a particular system, unit or a sensor. With your permission, MECC can & will join you.

Together we can review everything down to the smallest detail, within every system as justified, with live “real time” custom graphics, built to scale, for your facility.

With I-Vu, we prefer to utilize OEM graphics to keep the costs down. These are easily updated, when you must replace or upgrade your HVAC equipment.

Most end users do not need elaborate custom built graphics that date out & need licensing. Everything I-VU, is engineered to be easy on the end user & their budget.

Remote Monitoring

From your desk or remote device & our’s, we can troubleshoot many problems before they become more costly. MECC often provides client support services from our operation center or from the cabs of our trucks. MECC tech’s all have lap tops & portable WIFI capabilities.

MECC can sometimes troubleshoot & obtain parts while on the way, to reduce your service expenses.

The bean counters & HR will love the available Trending and Utility expense reports. Custom analysis tools are always on duty, working in the background.

We can isolate systems, departments or whatever, to create accurate Job or Departmental Cost Reports & process data for Tenant utility back charges.


With our redundant & secured control systems working Full Time, you are well protected.

High temp / pressure, Low temp / pressure, Power loss, Freezing, Flooding, Smoke, Fire, High CO, High CO2 or low Oxygen, Occupancy Lighting or whatever is important, I VU is watching & taking care of whatever is important to you & never taking a day off!

From HVACR, evolved the home & business alarm industry. We are the Alarm Wizards.

To your Security, IT or Facilities team, to your phone & ours, MECC & I-Vu will be there.

Third-Party Integration

With Carrier i‑Vu, the controls are easily integrated with all BACnet compatible products, through the adoption & implementation of ASHRAE standards.

Also, with SNMP & almost every other type of controls networking system.

Regularly, MECC Controls Experts collaborate with third party teams to care for our clients unique requirements.

Security is always an issue & we’ve got you covered!

Carrier is one of the few leading HVACR manufacturers, and they have been, since the very beginning. Carrier has been on it forever! Extensive security details are available.