For over 70+ years, we have been helping to build & maintain all kinds of plants.

From Corporate Headquarters, through the Proving Grounds to the Factory, we do it. The list of clients that we have worked for reads like the Who’s Who, of the Midwest.


We are Pipefitters

Our family has always been cutting, threading, welding or gluing piping of some sort, somewhere. Ronald O. Cain, was a Pipefitter & Kevin L. Cain was a Pipefitter. Uncle Jim & cousins Phil & Jimmy, are amazing Plumbers.

Other cousins Darryl & Tom, with their sons Eric, Steve, Tom Jr., Joshua & Jesse, all operate the excavators, the bulldozers & bury all forms of UG piping, like champions.

Michael L. Cain Sr. is a Past President of MCAA, (Mechanical Contractors Association of America) representing both the Plumbers & Pipefitters Unions. Piping is something that we do & have done with family & friends for a very long time, extremely well.

Sheet Metal

We are Sheet Metal Workers

Michael L. Cain Sr. served on the Board of SMACNA, representing the Sheet Metal Workers Union. We have been trained by & worked with the best in North America.

Our family has owned & operated all sizes of sheet metal fabrication shops for decades. MECC is awesome at air handling & chimney system design, fabrication & installation.

We utilize all types of materials from Stainless Steel, Brass, Aluminum & Galvanized, Fiber Duct, Fiberglass, PVC, Double Walled Insulated compounds & even Fabric systems, to get the air or any fluid where it’s needed, safely & most effectively.

Our resources include Coil Lines, Plasma Cutters & Custom fabricators, to get it done. Utilizing Visio or ACad, we fabricate, deliver & install Exhaust & Ventilation systems. MECC understands “Noise”, “Throw”, Aesthetics, Comfort & Performance, with GRD’s.

Too often we must reverse engineer & recommission the poor workmanship of others. Most HVAC techs, do not know the design side of things & air flow for many remains a mystery. At MECC, we understand “fluid dynamics” & we get it right the first time.

Air & Water Balancing, is something that very few do well, but at MECC we do it daily.


We are Electricians

In the 1970s we began doing Electrical projects & we have never looked back. Uncle (Bud) Lynn was a wizard in the IBEW & he led the way on countless jobs. Specializing in Data Centers, we found ourselves often supervising the “Sparkies”. So Norwest purchased a large HVACR / Electrical Contracting business in 1979.

HVAC&R has always needed a power source & MECC has evolved with the industry. We were there when UPS & PDU systems were invented & became a “Buzz word”. We participated in building & servicing many of DTE’s & Consumer’s facilities.

Countless times, we have been out in the storms, caring for broken pipes, poles & main distribution lines, to restore the Utilities for our most important customers such as the Railroads, the Telecom’s, the Police, Fire, Hospitals & Military institutions.

With our team of top quality partners, we provide a complete Skilled Trades package.