Nobody cares for them better, with honesty & integrity.

MECC is all about “Up Time” & sustainable “Mission Critical” operations.

If you measure downtime in Dollars, you cannot afford to hire the “second best”. Our crew operates as a most elite “Special Forces” team of Skilled Tradesmen.

The measures taken & our “SMOPS” for your “Site Protection”, are without equal. We follow your “Standards”, or those of the leading HVACR Industry Associations. We know the OEM manuals, we review the Submittals & ensure that everything works.

Our crews are all Ex-Military, College Educated or both & OK’d by Homeland Security. Our entire team can pass a random drug & alcohol test, at a moment’s notice. The family began caring for Military & IT installations in the 1950s & we have ever since.

We custom built HVAC systems, before Computers & CRAC systems were invented. Our team is factory trained & certified for nearly every OEM, used in the IT industry.

Turnkey Construction

MECC will assist with your planning & facility engineering. We are great Engineers.

MECC can provide single source solutions for your facility renovation projects.

For decades, we have been specialized HVAC&R oriented “General Contractors”. We can turn any space into a Data Center, a Test facility, a Boiler room or whatever. From pits & foundations, underground to overhead utilities, we make things happen.

We do our own rigging & have expert trades partners, to make your job go smoothly. Upon our completion, your site can go into our PM program & it will do what you need.

On time, on budget, without change orders or silly problems, is what we are all about.

Critical HVAC

Plus or minus 2 degrees Fahrenheit & 2% RH, from –200 to +1,200, what do you need? From low temperature cascade refrigeration to annealing ovens & blast furnaces?

Museums, private collections & treasures of all kinds, do need special environments. Printing & carpentry shops, critical measurement rooms, testing & medical facilities?

We care for Data Center, Telecom, Banks & High security buildings, like nobody else. With an advanced education, our wizards will ensure your Redundancy & “Up Time”.


Critical Power

Everything HVACR, requires electricity, it always has & MECC is great with power.

The local power grid has been deteriorating, while our expertise has been growing.

We have a superb team of PE partners that will take it from the XFMR to the receptacle. We partner with some of the finest Electricians and do much of the work “in house”. Few will ever have dual feeds from different Sub Stations, MECC will do our best for you.

For “Up Time”, redundancy is always recommended. With back up diesel or natural gas generators, DC battery, UPS & PDU systems, One Line diagrams, Panel Schedules & technicians that know your facility, we are always available to prevent “Down time”.