As a licensed “Unlimited” Commercial & Industrial HVACR Contractor, MECC truly has access to any brand of everything HVACR.

What would you like or what is best for you, your operation, your team or your family?

MECC has lighting (Foot candle measuring) & noise (decibel measuring) meters too.

If you already know us, we are “motor heads”, big time. Our MX number plate has a “71” on it, for a reason. If the office or your home is 71 °F, you likely do not have a problem. When the environment is at set point, MECC has no service call & everyone is happy. “Engineered Comfort” is the goal & what we are all about.

Indoor Air Quality

We are the “First responders for your health & very real IAQ Experts”.

When we are allowed to do our thing, you will not need your Doctor, as much.

Your family & team performance will improve with MECC, as will your quality of life.

Everyone freaked out over C-19 & rightly so. We are at risk for a global mess, at any time. Are you prepared?

The “Solution is Dilution & Filtration”, assuming that we still have a source of fresh air.

At MECC, we no longer sacrifice canaries, we have all kinds of IAQ monitoring tools.

Positive building pressurization keeps the dirt, bugs & bacteria outside. Carrier I-Vu does this super well with precision accuracy for optimum energy conservation.

We strongly recommend the use of fresh air (Ventilation) in harmony with quality filters.

Bomb rated intake grilles minimize disasters. Burglar bars slow down the bad guys. Metal mesh pre filters keep the leaves & birds out.

Appropriately sized & fabricated secondary fabric filters keep out the dust, dirt, pollen & certain contaminants.

Special engineered desiccant filters can keep out odors, chemicals & protect us from microbial enemies. Yet sometimes we must take filtration to a whole different level

The better R/A filters are pleated, MERV 7-8 rated, or higher. But for your furnace at home or the typical RTU at work, do not use anything higher than this!

For higher MERV rated filter utilization, you will likely need a more powerful blower system. MECC Engineers will work with you on this to avoid costly problems.

For the elderly at home, we do suggest installing UV filters in the system. They work!

Ionic filters, Ozone generators & UV filtration, utilized with HEPA filters, are found in the hospitals, Clean Rooms and other specialized facilities. These should & must be considered for enhanced filtration, wherever health concerns exist & as applicable.

Everyone has seen the pleated filters. Please throw away the useless 2% masks & the 3% cheap filters. For mobile protection if you must be serious, only utilize N-95 masks or full face Respirators. Every MECC truck has N-95 masks & Respirators, with different filters for multiple chemicals for a variety of reasons, as “Standard Issue.” You should have them too! We also have air quality & low oxygen meters for hazardous locations.

Water Quality & Treatment

What about your water quality? We are what we ingest. Bottled water has recently been found to be a huge source of plastic particulate being ingested into our systems. Some reports indicate that we may drink the equivalent of a credit card worth of plastic, every week?

At MECC, we engineer & install complete water conditioning systems. Boiler, Chiller & Cooling Tower water systems must all be cared for carefully, to minimize corrosion, premature failure & to work properly also.

Our bodies are no different & without a doubt more important! Can we quickly go back to glass bottles, made from sand & recycle those?

Well water softeners, iron removal, particulate & odor removal practices, are little different from Air Filtration. With multiple stages of filtration, including similar UV & added RO or DI technology, we will get the water just right for you & your team.

From the water main to the faucet, MECC can help to ensure that your water quality is the best that it can be.

Humidification – Dehumidification

Static electricity, High moisture, mold & mildew, are real issues. MECC makes them go away!

Some may suffer from nose bleeds & MECC can sometimes help with medical issues also.

We D&B special processing applications & vaults with precision moisture management. IT facilities, Rubber production & Paper printing facilities, Carpenters & Cabinet makers, Natatoriums, Museums, Treasure collections & more.

What have you got going on & what do you need? How may we help?

In-Floor Radiant Heat

It does feel good to step onto a warm floor when you get out of bed. It is super nice to not have to shovel the snow & ice. It is amazing to work under equipment on a warm & dry floor. What else can we say?

The original & best form of heat was boiler radiator & baseboard technology. It still is and many do not have it but you can, if we plan wisely early on for your construction & renovation projects.

Due to cost reductions, buildings have the heat coming from the ceiling, which actually is inefficient because the heat does not drop, only the cold does. Modern homes rarely have adequate heat along the outdoor perimeter walls & nothing heats as well as radiant energy.

But a well performing & energy efficient system is not inexpensive. Low bid & high quality can rarely be utilized in the same sentence. If you have it, try to keep it. If you do not, let’s talk.

Wine & Cigar Vaults

Now that we have everything “Comfort” cared for, we can also keep your favorite wine & cigars, just perfect.

We build & maintain the private vaults & storage rooms, for some amazing people. Just let us know what space that you are dreaming of & we will make it become a reality.

Custom Homes

Since 1937, we have been servicing homes of all types, sizes, makes & systems.

We do enjoy the privilege of building & caring for the homes of many of our business customers. We cherish & enjoy our many life long client relationships. When our friends pass on, we continue to care for their spouses & families, as God allows.

We understand our role as “Humble Servants” and we often serve as both “Caretakers & Security”. Many of our client homes are more like castles or commercial buildings, how can we be of service?

We were “Trane washed” at the Factory HQ school in LaCrosse WI, in the early 1980’s.

Our family has been a large Trane Commercial / Industrial contractor for many decades. Uncles, mentors and close friends have worked at Trane for many years as well.

In 2018, Michael L. Cain 2, worked with the Large Trane division in SE MI for his FSU internship, before graduating from their top ranked HVAC program.

At Norwest & MECC, we have always known that it truly is “Hard to stop a Trane”.

We can replace or service everything HVACR, provide PM and MECC will even look after the dog or the farm, to & including the “kitchen sink”, when you are away.

Caring for others is our life, it is an honor & what we do. We remain always grateful for each & every opportunity to be of service.

Regardless if it is a Holiday or weekend, our customer families will have power & comfort! Your peace of mind matters & it is important to the MECC team.