Not to make it sound simple, but we do 71 degrees Fahrenheit & 40% RH, every day.

We make the uncomfortable office HVAC system, comfortable again, as it should be.

With demand controlled ventilation, we keep the staff safe, alert & productive. With advanced air filtration components, we improve the quality of life & attendance.

Using super accurate DDC controls & zoning, we can make your system most efficient. From single story to high rise, we can ensure your temperature, humidity & comfort.


We joke about Great Grandpa OG, inventing fire. However, Great Uncle Al Pajaczkowski, started the family business in NW Detroit (Brightmoor), servicing Coal & Oil heating furnaces & boilers, sometime in 1937. Please keep in mind, that Willis Carrier had just invented Air Conditioning in 1902.

From low pressure & high pressure Steam to any type of Hydronic system, we have been engineering, installing & servicing most every type of boiler ever since. Boiler Makers, Steam Fitters, Operating Engineers, Pipefitters & Plumbers; we are. The family resources go super far in this trade. How can we be of assistance?

For process plant applications, to your home ice melting system, we are the “A” Team.


Somewhere along the line, somebody figured that we could run refrigerant & cold water through the piping just as easily as the hot water or steam. So the HVACR industry evolved & we began doing this also long ago.

We are Refrigeration Experts. Michael L. Cain Sr., was on the team with ACCA (Air Conditioning Contractors of America) as the President of ACCA, that with Ferris State University, developed the very first refrigerant handling testing & certification program for HVACR technicians in the United States of America. "Green long ago!".

Properly protected with corrosion inhibitors & anti freeze solutions, chillers are an excellent solution for process plants, large IT main frame systems, office buildings & much more. With cool winter temperatures, “Free Cooling” is a great possibility.

From Carrier, Trane & York reciprocating compressors to Copeland, Danfoss & others, using the new Scroll & Variable Speed, Screw compressor technologies, we do it right.

We understand the complex world of the evolving refrigerant gasses, the psychrometric charts, the pump curves, the pitch & pressures, the thermal dynamic issues, the superheat, the sub-cooling and the other big words, of refrigeration. We teach them.

For decades, Michael L. Cain Sr. has been leading the way with both Union & Merit based Work Force Development, in the HVACR world all over the Midwest & USA.

Roof Tops

The family elders were around to watch the invention of packaged systems. They were developed to make it easy for the field crews of the 1970s that were becoming less & less understanding of the complex & custom “Built Up” mechanical systems.

Rooftop systems were also created to provide redundancy & to lower the costs for the installations & operation of the buildings, during the rapid expansion of our cities.

Countless OEM’s and contracting businesses have come & gone over the many decades yet we have survived, because we have always aligned ourselves with the best of the best HVAC&R OEM manufacturers. Our customer sites are rarely “Lab Rats”.

Our engineered ducted systems, simply perform well & do their job.

By utilizing either the base level or the super high efficiency equipment with all the bells and whistles, we can provide packaged system solutions for any need, from –20 Fahrenheit to +100, quite easily and most often, from locally available inventory.

With “Ultra Low Leak”, fresh air economizers, we can now provide “FREE COOLING”, nearly six months out of the year all over the Midwest. This is a game changer, for the IT and Data Center industry, among others. Would you like to save huge money?

Split Systems

Split systems have been around forever. Almost everyone has a gas furnace with an outdoor condensing unit at home, typically 2-5 tons, that is a “Split System”.

Today, All Electric Heat Pumps and “Mini Splits” are being utilized everywhere

At MECC, we still believe in Natural Gas, it remains 20% less expensive & it’s clean. Electricity must still be generated with Coal, NG or Oil somewhere & moving the stack out of sight does not make it go away. A BTU is still a BTU & with 96% efficient furnaces, crazy high SEER units, “FREE" Cooling & more, we will all be just fine.

Geo Thermal systems have also become very popular lately, with ground water at 55F constantly & in some locations readily available. With “GREEN $” incentives, these can work quite well, they are super reliable & they have become more affordable.

Variable Refrigerant (VRF), Multi Zone piped systems are also being utilized extensively. However, their application is limited because these can get complex and somewhat costly very quickly. One must examine the Engineering applications carefully, to make the best educated decision because they have limited “Fresh Air”.

From Phone Closets & DC Power rooms, to the Sun Room or your Private Office, “Mini Splits” can be an affordable solution.

Simply put, they run, they are quiet & inexpensive, they have their place in HVAC&R.